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After Graduation

    Scholarships and Internships

DAAD - Summer and full-year study after graduation in Germany

Delta Phi Alpha - $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships for members of the Delta Phi Alpha honor society who are planning on studying in Germany the next year. You can download the application here. Talk to Professor Forester if interested.

Fulbright - Apply to study for a year in Germany or Austia, or for a travel grant to Germany to support another scholarship. Deadline: October 6. Definitely contact Professor Forester if you are interested in this.
Deadline: Late September each year

Fulbright Teaching Assistant - Spend a year in Austria teaching English at an Austrian school ca. 15 hrs a week and otherwise living it up. A number of Hope students have done this and Prof. Forester spent 2 years in Vienna on this program as a student.
Deadline: Early Februray

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals - It's a mouthful but it's a great program that Hope students have done before. Spend a year in Germany, all expenses paid pretty much. 2 months of German courses, 4 months of technical training and 5 months of internship. While it's designed primarily for students in technical fields, it's flexible (we sent a student in dance there in 2001-02). This is an excellent program and the acceptance rate is fairly high.

    Becoming a German teacher?

If you are thinking about becoming a German Teacher, talk to Professor Forester (x7567) who will advise you abouth what steps are necessary in terms of German courses and the like. Currently there is a nation-wide shortage of German teachers, and if you're willing to move out of Holland (which I hear most students are) then getting a job as a German teachers is a strong possibility.

If you are interested in teaching at the Elementary level, there are also resources available to teach German in Elementary school, and increasingly such early-language programs are being established nationally.Again talk to Professor Forester who can point you towards summer training opportunities, teaching resources and even work in language camps.