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Off Campus Opportunities

We have plenty of opportunities for study in German-speaking countries. The programs are run through the International Education Office at Hope. Usually we send students to the following locations:

  • Freiburg, Germany – We have both one and two semester programs here. This is one of Germany's most popular university towns with good weather, mountains right nearby, lot of opportunities for hiking, skiing, and a VERY short distance to both France and Switzerland.
  • Berlin – One of Europe's major capitols, a great place for those wanting a big-city experience. An extremely dynamic town. Also one or two semester programs available
  • Vienna, Austria – a more relaxed program with courses in both English and German available. Vienna is a good choice for music, theater and other art-type majors, as well as those whose German is not up to immersion in a German university.
  • European Union Program (Freiburg) – this is an English language program about the EU, so a good choice for PolySci, Econ/Management majors who are not emphasizing German language.
  • Vienna Summer School – this is the 'summer vacation' model for experiencing Europe. It's run by Hope College but is not directly a German program per se. It is possible to take German language courses on the program however, and Vienna is a great city.

To find out more about these opportunities, talk to either Professor de Haan (x7560) or Professor Forester (x7567) and/or contact Amy Otis (x7605) at the International Education Office at Hope.