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On Hope's Campus
All Hope College lab computers now have the ability to read and write Japanese Characters.
Writing Documents and Emails in Japanese
  1. Open up the application you wish to write in. (Word, Excel , Internet Explorer)
  2. Hit alt+shift. The Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen should change. Do this until it turns into a JA.
  3. A new box should appear in the bottom right corner. The first box allows you to change between Hiragana, Katakana, and Romanji.
  4. Clicking on the A brings up a menu. The first Choice is Hiragana. The Second is Katakana, the last is Romanji.
  5. Select the alphabet you wish and you may begin to type. As you type it will appear in Romanji until you finish the character. When you complete a word it will be underlined. If you hit the Space bar you will be able to select Kanji for that word or you may hit enter to lock the word in.
See Web Sites Written In Japanese
    Internet Explorer

    Japanese may not be a default Character set. If you can not view Japanese characters then...

  1. Click on View -> Encoding -> More and Select Japanese (Auto-Select)
    Netscape Navigator
  1. Default setting is not for Japanese letters, so you need to change the document code set.
  2. Put the pointer on the "VIEW" and choose "encoding" on the bottom, then choose "Japanese".
  3. Now you can read the Web sites written in Japanese!!

Your Own Computer

If you are running Office 2000 or higher on a windows computer you can download the Global IME from Microsoft and write in Japanese on your own computer.

  • You need to find out what version of Windows you are running and what version of Microsoft Office.

  • Windows 98 and Office 2000
  • Windows Update
    Select Product Updates and answer yes when a pop up box appears.
    At the bottom it will have an option for Japanese language. Download all the suggest Japanese language support there.

  • Windows 2000 and Office 2000
  • Microsoft.Com
    Select the option from the pull down list for Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for Japanese - with Language Pack

  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP with Office XP
  • Microsoft.Com

  • How To Type and Change Into Kanji Characters
    • SPACE BAR : transcribe from Hiragana to Kanji or Katakana
    • Return (Enter) key : Decide
    • Shift + Arrow : change the word unit.
    1. Type Romanized  Japanese from keyboard and it appears as HIRAGANA. 
    2. Push "Space Bar" to change them into KANJI character or KATAKANA
    3. If you don't like it push "Space" again, then you can get more alternatives.
    4. If you think it is OK, push "Return"

    5. You can change the word unit by pushing "Shift" + "Arrow"