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Japanese Language Collection

At Van Wylen Library, you can search for books written in Japanese. Eventually, the number of collection will be over 500. You can search through Hope CAT with the Keyword "Japanese Language Collection".
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Up-coming Events:

Japanese Worship services (Nihongo Reihai)

Sunday,  9/2 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  10/7 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  11/11 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  12/9 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  1/13 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  2/3  From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  3/9 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  4/13 From 3 - 4 PM
Sunday,  5/11 From 3 - 4 PM

@ Western Seminary (MAP : 101 W. 13th St.)
(Japanese foods served.)
Come join us!


"Hope and Japan: Early Ties"
written by Dr. Sobania '68

-- Excerpt from the article --    

When speaking to groups about international education at Hope, I often remark that one-third of the graduating class of 1879 was Japanese, including the valedictorian, who gave the graduation address in both Latin and Japanese.  The statement never sounds as convincing if I say that the Class of 1879 consisted of only six graduates, and two were Japanese, but in reality, for that time period, this is indeed very significant.

Would you like to read Japanese novels on line?  There is a great site for you. Check it out! AOZORA BUNKO