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Japanese Major and Minor


Students may also pursue a Japanese Studies Composite Major by combining courses taken at Hope with a variety of off-campus study opportunities. Such a major would be an integrated program of language and culture leading to fluency in the language, a high level of understanding of and experience in Japanese culture, as well as a specialized field of study of the student’s own choosing. This major will permit the student to prepare for other forms of employment in which a knowledge of Japanese and familiarity with Asian culture may be required. The Japanese Composite Major consists of a minimum of 36 credits of work divided between Japanese language study (a minimum of 28 credits) and courses from the Departments of History, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, Art, Music, Religion (a minimum of 8 credits), and May Term in Japan program which are currently taught on a regular basis or are scheduled to be taught regularly in the immediate future.

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A Japanese minor consists of a minimum of 24 credits taken at the college level and approved by the chairperson. Of these, 8 must be in courses numbered 295 or higher and up to 4 may be taken in a department other than Modern and Classical Languages, e.g., History, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, Religion, Art, Music or other disciplines. A typical pattern of courses might be: Japanese 101, 102, 201, 202, 301; IDS 295 May Term in Japan program). Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to complement their Japanese major/minor with courses from other departments. Among recommended courses are ART 391, POL 303, REL 280, HIST 295, ECON 318, and special courses taught by the Meiji Gakuin exchange professor.

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