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300 Level


101. Russian I

A course for beginners of Russian. The primary objective of this course is to enable the student to acquire the basic skills necessary to begin communicating in Russian. The secondary objective is to begin to give the student insight into the Russian language world. Emphasis is placed on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Conducted in English and Russian.
Four Credits. Hope Catalog

102. Russian II

A continuation of Russian I. This course is designed primarily to continue to develop the acquisition of a comfortable communication knowledge of Russian. A secondary objective is to expand the student’s insight into important features of Russian society. Emphasis on all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Conducted primarily in Russian.
Prerequisite: Russian I, placement, or equivalent.
Four Credits. Hope Catalog


201. Russian III

Continuation of Russian II with greater emphasis on reading. Culture will also be studied in additional depth. Prerequisite: Russian II, equivalent, or placement.
Four Credits. Hope Catalog

For Russian 201 and every course higher, a grade of C+ or better is required in order to proceed to the next course in the sequence.

202. Russian IV

Continuation of Russian III with greater emphasis on writing. Cultural history will be touched on through the medium of short stories in Russian. Prerequisites: Russian III, placement, or equivalent, and a grade of C or better in Russian 201.
Four Credits. Hope Catalog

280. Practicum in Russian

Practical experience in the Russian language in various contexts such as teaching Russian at the elementary level, translating or using Russian skills in business. The number of credits granted will be determined by the number of hours involved per week. This course may be repeated for credit. Prior permission of instructor and chairperson required.
Credits to be Arranged. Both Semesters. Hope Catalog

295. Studies in Russian Language and Literature

A course designed to allow a professor to teach in an area of special interest and experience. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
Two to Four Credits. Both Semesters. Hope Catalog


490. Special Problems in Russian

Individual study under the direction of an instructor designated by the chairperson of the department in one of the following areas: literature, language, civilization or methodology. This course may be repeated upon consultation with departmental faculty advisor; a maximum of eight credits may be counted toward a minor. Prerequisite: prior permission of instructor and department chairperson.
Four Credits. Both Semesters. Hope Catalog

495. Internship in Russian

This course provides supervised practical experience in international business, media, education or government. Normally junior status and the completion of a least a Russian minor are prerequisites. Although ordinarily taken in conjunction with an existing off-campus program, students working together with faculty may make individual arrangements with a local host institution or organization. Following consultation with the off-campus coordinator, each applicant for this internship is required to submit a proposal describing in detail the program to be pursued, including the materials which will be submitted; a time schedule for submitting evidence; and the criteria for performance evaluation. If possible, proposals should be finalized prior to the semester in which the internship will occur. The number of credits to be determined in consultation with instructor and the chairperson. This course may be repeated for credit. Approval of the chairperson is required.
Both Semesters. Hope Catalog