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CFL Incubator

The Center's marquee Entrepreneurial Development program is The CFL Incubator.

The CFL Incubator is a 10-week program (May through early July) for up to 5 teams of entrepreneurial Hope College students who are committed to taking an innovative idea to market.  (Both economic and social business ideas are encouraged.)  For those 5 teams, we offer the opportunity to:

  • Network/collaborate with a network of subject matter experts
  • Meet and work with passionate people
  • Become a team and build friendships
  • Be held accountable by coaches and mentors
  • Work in a creative spaces
  • Participate in a program that strives to be Christ-centered and entrepreneurial
  • Earn financial support: "Startup Initiators" earn $5000 in summer support

A typical weekly schedule includes:

  • Lunch with entrepreneurial guests
  • "Accountability Monday"
  • Time for experimenting (Reis: "Build, Measure, Learn")
  • Group excursions
  • "Factory Time"

Why should entrepreneurial Hope students apply to be "Startup Initiators" in the CFL Incubator?

  • Not to earn credit hours (the 10-week Summer Incubator is a non-credit bearing experience)
  • But to commit to an experience that will push you beyond everyone's expectations including your own!

Applications are due January 1.

To apply, contact Steve VanderVeen, Director, Center for Faithful Leadership, Hope College,  To be eligible, students must have completed LDRS 231/MGMT 395: Entrepreneurial Leadership and have a demonstrated history of entrepreneurial activities at Hope College (See Entrepreneurial Development).