Evelyn Keppel Cloetingh
(1894-1928)   evelyn


Evelyn Keppel (August 23, 1894-October 18, 1928) was the oldest Keppel daughter. It can be concluded from her papers that Evelyn was a popular, fun-loving girl, who was the Salutorian of the Holland High School Class of 1912. She liked to dress up and act silly with her friends, as well as sing.

She was a trained lyric soprano, studying at Chicago Music College. She also received her teaching certificate from [something in Kalamazoo] and taught second grade in Holland before marrying Arthur Cloetingh, a 1916 Hope College graduate. Art became the director of the drama department at Pennsylvania State College, so the couple made their home in State College, Pennsylvania.

Tragically, Evelyn died during childbirth in 1928. Her death was devastating to the Keppels. They didn’t often speak of it. Ruth remarked that Evelyn was her father’s favorite, so the loss affected Albert in particular. Evelyn’s son, Arthur Keppel Cloetingh, or Kep as everyone called him, would go on to spend every summer with his grandparents in Holland. Mr. and Mrs. Keppel spoiled him and were very fond of him. Kep inherited his mother’s singing voice and was a member of the Hope Glee Club when he was a student. He graduated from Hope College in 1950 and went on to study for a master’s degree. He died in 1966, leaving behind a wife and four sons.

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