Lois Keppel Samuelson


Lois Keppel

Courtesey of the Holland Museum Archives


"I'm glad that I learned from hard experience that life is cruel and I have to be independent to be happy. It's silly to think you can get hapiness from another person. It comes from within."

-1933 letter


Lois Keppel (April 26, 1909-1986) was the youngest Keppel daughter. Lois attended Hope College and eventually moved to Traverse City and remained there for the rest of her life. There she worked for the Chamber of Commerce. She married Clarence Samuelson and had one daughter, Merry Kate (b. 1940), who they adopted.

Lois had a lovely singing voice, but was not as talented as her sister. Unlike her sisters, she did not teach, she worked for the Chamber of Commerce in Traverse City. Lois seemed to be sensible, despite her being the youngest. She died in 1986.


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