Vera Jane Keppel Kennedy


Vera Jane Keppel Kennedy, Florida

Courtesy of the Holland Museum Archives

“Only when all America shall kneel at the foot of the cross shall we have a true, contrite heart; then only shall we be truly happy; only then shall we have peace. Oh Americans, we, who live in a country ‘conceived in liberty’ and dedicated to God, shall we permit the cross to plead in vain.”

-Vera Jane Kennedy

Vera Jane Keppel (February 13, 1900-January 6, 1990), the middle Keppel daughter, was a skilled dramatist. Vera graduated from Hope College and went on to graduate with her Master of Art’s degree at Cornell University. She taught speech and drama at Pennsylvania State University and Stephens College.

Over her career, she produced dozens of productions, and even wrote some herself. Vera married Thomas Lee Kennedy and had one daughter, Jane Lee (b. 1939). They made their home in the Chicago suburbs. Not as much is known about Vera in comparison to her sisters, as she didn't write to her parents as often, and there are only a few of her papers in her family's collection. Vera died on January 6, 1990 of a heart attack. She was buried in the family plot at Pilgrim's Home Cemetery.

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Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program at Hope College, Holland, Mich.

Madalyn Muncy, 2012