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The Mellon Scholars program is a founding member of The PRAXIS Network of Digital Humanities Programs and a member of CenterNet: an International Network of Digital Humanities Centers.


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Scholars Program
in the Arts and Humanities
Hope College
Holland, MI 49422-9000


Mellon Summer Fellows

Class of 2014

Student NameYearConference Presentations
Madalyn Northuis 2013

The New England Kitchen: Ellen Richards Attempt to Save Society One Meal at a Time

Taylor Rebhan 2013

From Paper Page to Digital Exhibit: The Case for Omeka as a Method for Showcasing Student Research.

Chikara Saito 2012

Does Liberalism Need Modernity?: A Hermeneutical Analysis of Early Modern Political Theology in Jean Bodin to Thomas Hobbes