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The Mellon Scholars program is a founding member of The PRAXIS Network of Digital Humanities Programs and a member of CenterNet: an International Network of Digital Humanities Centers.


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Scholars Program
in the Arts and Humanities
Hope College
Holland, MI 49422-9000


Description: Daniel Owens' project was about the Hybridization of United Nations Peacekeepeing in Liberia. Currenlty, Daniel is working at the Nibakure Children's village in Rwanda. You can stay up to date on his experiences at his blog here. The project's abstract can be read here

Athina Alvarez, Hope College Mellon Scholar Tessa Angell, Hope College Mellon Scholar Katie Callam, Hope College Mellon Scholar Madalyn Muncy, Hope College Mellon Scholar

Daniel Owens, Hope College Mellon Scholar Chikara Saito, Hope College Mellon Scholar Senior Montage, Hope College Mellon Scholars William Pannapacker, Director, Hope College Mellon Scholars