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Reformed Church in America, Classical Board of Benevolence

Application for Undergraduate Financial Assistance

Available only to current HOPE COLLEGE juniors and seniors who are committed to following
a vocational call of full-time ministry upon graduation from Hope College.

Complete Legal Name:

First:  MI:  Last:

Hope Email only:

Cell Phone:

Hope College mailing address:

  • Street 1:   
  • Street 2, if applicable:
  • City, ST code, & Zip:    
  • Country, if not USA:

Permanent Address - if different than above:

  • Street 1:  
  • Street 2, if applicable:
  • City, ST code, & Zip:   
  • Country, if other than USA:

Current Class Year: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

  • GPA:
  • Major(s):
  • Minor(s):
  • Expected graduation - m/yy:
  • Hope ID#:

Home Church (include denomination):

Financial Resources:

Scholarships and Grants: (Names and monetary amount)

Annual Assistance from Parents: $

Annual Personal earnings per year: $

What activities are you involved in at Hope College?:
What have been the greatest influence in your Christian life?:
What do you envision yourself doing in future RCA service?