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Feeling Called to Ministry?

Wondering how to meet that end while making ends meet? Help is available.

The Reformed Church in America (RCA) Classical Board of Benevolence has been helping Hope College students pursue their goal of full-time ministry since 1875.

Students who qualify (see below) apply to the Classical Board of Benevolence for financial assistance. They are interviewed, and upon the approval of the Board, they are given a loan/grant to help fund their undergraduate education at Hope College.

This loan becomes a grant if and when the student completes five years of full-time ministry. Read that again! After five years of full-time ministry (Youth Work, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education, Worship Leader, Missions, etc.) the loan does not need to be paid back.

This program benefits everyone involved: students are assisted financially; the Kingdom benefits from talented people serving its ministries; and the Board sees all of this as money well spent.


A student who qualifies for this program must…

…be able to demonstrate financial need to further his/her education.

…be a Hope College Junior or Senior. Interested students are encouraged to apply in the spring of their sophomore year so that the funds will be available to them in the fall of their Junior year. a member in good standing of an RCA church.

…be planning to serve some sort of full-time ministry in the RCA or another Board approved ministry.

…be prepared to repay the loan if five years of full-time work are not served in ministry.

How to Apply

Deadline: April 24, 2015 - last day of spring semester

**A second round of applications may occur through the first week in August - see below.

The Board meets annually on the 3rd week in April to interview applicants for the next academic year. Applications should be completed no later than the first week in April.

Interviews: TBD

**The RCA Classical Board may consider applications submitted through the first week in August if funds are available. Please contact to inquire about late applications.

In completing the actual application you will be asked to verify your agreement to the following conditions.

If I accept money from the RCA Classical Board of Benevolence, I receive it with the following understandings:

1. I will serve in some form of full-time ministry in the RCA or Board approved alternate for a minimum of five (5) years. When I achieve this goal of service, I understand that I do no need to repay the grant; however, if I do not fulfill the five year goal, the grant becomes a loan which I will repay in full.

2. I will inform the President of the Board of Benevolence each year in September as to my current status as well as my address until my account is closed by the Board. I understand that the President of the Benevolence Board may be reached in care of Hope College Chapel Office, Hope College.

3. I grant the Board President access to my financial aid and academic records at Hope College.

Please read and understand the above information before making your decision to apply for the scholarship.

Further information is available from these Hope College offices:

Center for Ministry Studies / Van Zoeren Hall #250
Campus Ministries / Keppel House on 10th St.
Religion Department / Lubbers Hall first floor


Bryan Boersma
Phone: 616.799.1784
E-mail: bryanboersma {at}