A scholarship offered by
Hope College

  • Established initially by The CrossRoads Project at Hope College through a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation for the Program for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (PTEV)
Hope College Center for Ministry Studies
CrossRoads Scholarship Application Form for Fall 2016 Incoming Freshmen

On-line Application Deadline: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at midnight

Only high school seniors admitted to Hope College are eligible to apply.
International students are not eligalble.

The CrossRoads Scholarships are designed for students interested in multicultural or ethnically diverse Christian ministry. They are four-year renewable scholarships contingent on the demonstration of financial need Recipients of CrossRoads Scholarships also gather together periodically throughout the school year for conversation about faith, ministry, and diversity.

To be considered for one of the CrossRoads Scholarships, please do the following:

    1. Complete and submit this application form (do not send any transcripts)
    2. Have one letter of recommendation sent in accordance with the guidelines outlined below
    3. Complete the financial aid forms needed by Hope College’s Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible – these include FAFSA and Hope’s ‘Supplemental Application Form’ (SAF).

Using the ENTER key to navigate between text boxes will SUBMIT the form requiring you to start over if all sections of the application were not completed. Use the TAB key or manually move your cursor between boxes.

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Legal Name and E-mail

Mailing Address
Church Affiliation and Letter of Recommendation


Include comment, if needed:

If you decide to use someone else after submitting this form, please e-mail CMS@hope.edu as soon as you have new information.
Three Questions to Answer

Please respond to the following questions in the spaces provided below.

1. What experiences and involvements have shaped your interest in multicultural or ethnically diverse Christian ministry? (Think about mission trips, your home church, your local community as you write.)

2. What role or roles do you sense you might be called to play after you graduate from college that could provide leadership to ministries and churches in multicultural settings? What gifts will you bring with you as you lead and serve?

3. What activities and opportunities do you think you might like to pursue while you’re at Hope College that would help prepare you for church involvement and be a way to serve and contribute to the Hope College community?