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Dr. Andrew Le and Matt Brown, ministry minor

The Center for Ministry Studies (CMS) is dedicated to encouraging life-long Christian commitment in the context of the vibrant liberal arts learning community which is Hope College.

Our work is characterized by:
  • Biblical and Theological Formation: Cultivation of a biblical and theological understanding of life and ministry.
  • Church Involvement: Significant connection with the historic, local, and global Church.
  • Vocational Discernment: The exploration of callings in the context of Christian learning communities.
  • Cultural Engagement: Discerning engagement with culture through faithful reflection and action.
Informed by these core commitments, CMS provides programming and resources for students, faculty, practitioners, and congregations.

Upcoming Events

Conversations about our Continuing Formation as Teachers in Christ-Centered Higher Education

All lunches will be in the Maas Conference Room on the following dates/times:

Wednesday, August 31 @ 12pm (or Sept 7/8): How do you present your discipline to students “in the context of the historic Christian faith” and/or as “Christ-centered”?

Thursday, October 6 @ 11am: What does “formation” look like in your classroom?

Wednesday, November 2 @ 12pm: What is “counter-cultural” about what or how you teach your students?

Wednesday, January 11 @ 12pm: What book(s) should every student read?

Thursday, February 2 @ 11am: How do you teach students to think interdisciplinarily about the world?

Thursday, March 2 @ 11am: How might conceiving of study as prayer or worship change how you teach? How your students learn?

Please grab lunch in Phelps Dining Hall and take it to the Maas Conference Room. This series is co-sponsored by the Center for Ministry Studies and the Senior Seminar Program. We have planned neither a series of formal presentations nor a collection of workshops—rather, we look forward to sharing conversations among colleagues about teaching and learning in the context of Christ-centered higher education. We hope you can join us.