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Seminary Visit Funding

CMS has a limited amount of money specifically dedicated to helping Hope students in their junior or senior year visit seminaries, divinity schools, and other graduate programs in religion. We can help pay your travel expenses, whether by air, train, or in your own car.

If you're interested, please make an appointment with the Program Director, Dr. Andy McCoy,

We wish you all the best in your ongoing discernment and preparation for graduate study in theology.


Here's what you need to do...

    1. Schedule an appointment with Dr. McCoy to discuss your discernment.
    2. Be prepared to tell
      1. something about yourself, and
      2. indicate where you'd like to visit and why.
      3. Provide some proposed dates and estimated expenses when you come to your appointment.
    3. Bring with you a written estimate of your travel expenses (web site printouts are fine).
    4. After your trip has been approved, print the specific details to follow for reimbursement before you make any purchases.
Search tools for finding a school and degree that is right of YOU:
  • Search for schools online at The Fund for Theological Education web site
  • The FTE Guide to Theological Education online PDF version
  • List of seminary degree options: This MS Word document can be used as a starting point in learning about the varied degrees available in seminary and divinity schools.