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John K. Erskine serves as Managing Director of Hope College's Recording Arts Center, responsible for recording and duplicating all the concerts, recitals, workshops, etc officially sponsored by the Department of Music. This ongoing activity, along with specifically arranged ensemble, group or solo artist recording sessions, result in several commercially released CD titles (on Hope's 'SPERA' label) each year. Additional services offered include the preparation and/or collation of materials for student audition tapes and the transfer of audio between variant analog and/or digital media formats.

Courses proctored by John include: Recording Techniques & Applications; and Applied Computer Music. An intensive year-long audio recording seminar, including a May Term 'session' symposium, is currently in proposal.

John brings extensive field experience as recordist/producer, A/V systems modeler, theatrical sound designer, and sound reinforcement engineer to the academic table. He has worked with composers (i.e. LaMonte Young, Meredith Monk, Glenn Branca), pop/rock groups (i.e. Sonic Youth, Hugo Largo), jazz artists and ensembles (i.e. the Roscoe Mitchell Sound Ensemble, Wayne Horvitz' The President), and theatrical companies (i.e. The Wooster Group), as well as with contemporary recording luminaries - Dave Baker (Medeski, Martin and Wood, et al) and Greg Curry (Dixie Dregs, et al).

During a decade-long NYC residency, John supplemented his income traveling as a freelance ENG/EFP video and location film sound recordist, resulting in a worn-out valise, a well-stamped passport, and an annoyingly open disposition.

Contact Info:
John K. Erskine
Music Department, Hope College
Nykerk 115
Tel: 616-395-7993