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John Hoyer has been camping in music libraries his entire adult life. As a high schooler he about wore out a library recording of the St. Paul Cathedral, London, choir. In college it was Fischer-Dieskau's recordings of Mahler. Now in his mature years he listens to the mbirra. He has an abiding interest in choral and organ music, especially early music.

He has performed with and/or directed Musica Camerata, the Clifton Madrigal Ensemble, the Ellenwood Consort, Hope's Instrumental Collegium, and presently the Consort of Voices.

He loves to bicycle and hopes to pedal across the USA, soon, before his legs give out. He collects old fountain pens, wood tennis racquets, and songs featuring that most illustrious bird, the cuckoo.

His wife Adela is an amazing woman in every respect, sister-in-law Allen is fantastic, daughters Jade and Laura are wonderful, grandson Delan is a total delight, and the dogs Quincy and Claude are his faithful friends.

Contact Info:
John Hoyer
Music Library, Hope College
Tel: 616-395-7659