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Student Accomplishments


National/State Awards

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention:
Eric Lunderberg, Robert Sjoholm, Valerie Winton

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships:
Amy Speelman, Blair Williams

NAS Divisional Student Awards

Beckman Scholarship:
Anne Georges, Robert Sjoholm

Cancer Federation Award:
David Paul

Dean’s Summer Research Award:
Ryan Alfuth, Andrew Bunnell, Wyatt Curry, Scott DeClaire, Megan Johnson, John Lutz, Leah Patenge, Angela Martinez

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholarships:
Julia Becker, Scott DeClaire, Matthew Hartwell, Tabatha Hipshear, Erica Jansen, Andre McCubbin, Kelsey Moore

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Scholarships:
Daniel Anderson, Joshua Cooper, Nickolas Davros, Sarah Prill, Chelsea Miedema, Lindsay Nieuwkoop

Phi Beta Kappa:
Marlee Bogema, Timothy Boman, Kimberly Cook, Andrea Eddy, Andrew Foster, Jonathan Hertel, Christina Hicks, Jana Johnson, Justin Lunderberg, Zachary Mitchell, Jeanne Oxedine, Christopher Ploch, Breanna Powell, Carolyn Powers, Mary Pressler, Camille Riddering, Kristen Schroeder, Amy Speelman, Peter VanHeest, Erin Van Oordt, Faith Whitehouse, Blair Williams, Michelle Zeitter

Departmental Student Awards


The Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Biochemistry: Steven Lewis

Biology Book Award: Megan Ludwig
Biology Service Award: Jonathan Hertel
Patterson Memorial Prize: Nathaniel Bowerman, Shirley Bradley, Faith Whitehouse
Wolterink Prize in Biology: Emily Leathley

First-Year Chemistry Book Award: Andrena Rosnik
Junior Chemistry Journal Award: Valerie Winton
Organic Chemistry Book Award: John Lutz, Robert Sjoholm
American Institute of Chemists Award: Alex Ketchem, Carolyn Powers
Hope Chemistry Senior Award for Research: Shirley Bradley, Sarah Havlik, Justin Lunderberg, Amy Speelman
Almon T. Godfrey Prize in Chemistry: Timothy Boman

Computer Science
The Russell J. Kraay Award: Ryan Alfuth, Cameron Flint
The Boundy Computer Science Award: Timothy Wahmhoff
Computer Science Senior Prize: Andrew Foster


Freshman Engineering Prize: Howard Dobbs
Senior Engineering Award: Joel Blok
The Van Putten Engineering Design Prize: Leif Nelson

Geology & Environmental Science
Ancient Mystic Order of the Trilobite Award: Leah LaBarge
Michael Visscher Memorial Book Award: Dean Hazle
Faculty Book Award: Wyatt Curry
Tulip City Gem and Mineral Club Award: Peter VanHeest
Reinking Memorial Scholarship: Megan Haserodt

Albert E. Lampen Mathematics Prize: Zachary Mitchell
John H. Kleinheksel Math Award: Scott DeClaire, XiSen Hou, Cortney Kimmel, Leah LaBarge, Morgan Smith


The Pre-Nursing Award: Christine Springe
Sophomore Nursing Award: Lien Brusselmans
Junior Nursing Award: Jeana Longoria
Christian Service Awards: Lillie Lodge, Erin VanOordt
Senior Nursing Award: Abby Andersen
Miriam Joyce Van Eyl Award: Andrea Mathews
Sigma Theta Tau: Abby Andersen, Marlee Bogema, Stephanie Cotter, Joanne Gabl, Jana Johnson, Meghan Katner, Jeana Longoria, Andrea Mathews, Jessica Morscheck, Jessie Parsons, Rachel Richter, Erin VanOordt, Rachelle Victory,
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Nursing: Marlee Bogema