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On May 6, 2007 the Hope College Neuroscience Program graduated its first class of minors!!!  Congratulations to Tyler Boonstra, Kimberly Brandes, Alicia Hofelich, Andrew Jarosz, Kristin Johnson, Rachel Lê, David McMahon, Dale Shidemantle, and Charles Sierzant.  We wish you well!  Keep in touch.

Kudos to the following neuroscience minors who recently presented their research at national or regional meetings!!

Charles Sierzant (pictured right) presented “System xc- is an Electrogenic Membrane Transport System” Charles Sierzant, Brietney Lewis, and Leah A. Chase at the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. in May, 2007.

Tyler Boonstra presented “Psychoacoustic Contributions to Speaker Gender and Ethnicity: A Case for Temporal Measures”  PATRICE L. ROBERTS, TYLER J. BOONSTRA, MULUALEM A. KEFENE, & ERIKA C. HOWELL, (SONJA TRENT-BROWN, Faculty Sponsor) at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Psi Chi Meeting in Chicago, IL in May, 2007.

Forrest Powers presented Strain Differences in galanin-like peptide’s effects on food intake in adult male rats.  Kuper, K.E., F. Powers, and G.S. Fraley and “ICV Galanin-Like Peptide Stimulates Non-contact Erections but not Penile Reflexes in Adult, Sexually Experienced Male Rats” Powers, F., Kuper K.E., and Gregory S. Fraley at the Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Atlanta, GA in November, 2007.

Alicia Hofelich presented “Trying to forgive: A psychophysiological analysis of rumination, suppression, and reappraisal in response to a real-life offender”  DeYoung, N., Witvliet, C.V.O., Hofelich, A., Demaree, H. and “The language of forgiveness: Linguistic analyses of suppression and reappraisal responses to a real-life offender” Witvliet, C.V.O., Hofelich, A., DeYoung, Dueck at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Memphis, TN in January, 2007. 

Kristin Johnson presented, “Nitrous Oxide Use in an Emergency Department" at the Holland Hospital Research Poster Symposium in Holland, MI in April 2007.

Congratulations also to all of our minors who present at the Hope College Celebration of Research and Creative Performance in January of 2007.

Two Neuroscience Minor Students Win Research Awards

Charles Sierzant and Alicia Hofelich (pictured right) recently won research awards for their presentations at the Experimental Biology Meeting in Washington, D.C. and the PSI CHI Midwest Regional Meeting in Chicago, IL, respectively.  Well done Charlie and Alicia!!