Josh Metzler's pictureJosh Metzler

Hope College

Dr. Pealsee, Dr. DeYoung,Dr. Mader (Nuclear Group)

Supported by NSF-RUI

This summer, I was afforded the opportunity to participate in research in nuclear physics. The major project that I worked on was analyzing data from an experiment done at Michigan State University in which a krypton beam was collided with gold targets, with data collected at different beam energies. Data was collected using the 4pi mini-ball detector array, along with a mini-wall for better resolution at forward angles. I spent some time learning to program in FORTRAN, and much of the remaining time in actual analysis of the data.

Some of the analysis that I performed included work on calibrating the detectors to determine particle energies and resolving different particle charges, obtaining even some isotopic resolution. The main thrust of my research in the near future will be looking at isotopic ratios in an attempt to learn something about nuclear temperatures just before break up.