Hope College Department of Physics and Engineering
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer 2003
Project Summary


Project Title: Prototyping the Haynes-Shockley Experimentn.
Student Name: Jordan Siemon
Studentís home institution: Hope College
Research Advisor(s): Dr. Mark Little
Source of Support: NSF-REU

The Haynes-Shockley experiment was designed to test conductive properties in condensed matter. From one test the charge carrier mobility, charge carrier diffusion, and electron-hole pair recombination can be determined. To test these properties a laser pulse is shot onto the surface of a film to create electron-hole pairs that are swept across the film by applying an electric potential. The signal is then displayed on an oscilloscope. The pulse width measures the diffusion effects, and the mobility is measured by comparing the distance and the time it takes the minority carriers to travel the distance between the laser pulse and the probe. Recombination is determined by taking measurements at two positions and comparing the carrier densities. The materials that are being tested are metal-Nitride films grown in an atmosphere of Argon and Nitrogen by reactive magnetron sputtering.

Slide show of Jordan Siemon's work (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer.)