Hope College Department of Physics and Engineering
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer 2004
Project Summary


Project Title: Hall Effect
Student Name: Andrew Moore
Student home institution: Hope College
Research Advisor(s): Dr. Mark Little
Source of Support: Research Corp

The goal for this summer's was to refine the hall effect experiment to make our measurements more accurate and remove as much of the manual input as possible. We rewrote the old program to accommodate new equations and a switching device. The way that the sample was loaded into the magnet was changed along with the sample holder and the arm that held the sample holder in place. The method of making contact to the sample was also revised. Another thing that had to change was how the magnet was wired, it needed to be able to change the direction of the magnetic field, so it had a knife switch wired to it. This switch would change the direction of the current through the magnet, hence changing the direction of the field. When the apparatus and the program are completed a number of previously grown thin films will be tested. The majority of the films are scandium nitride, aluminum nitride, and tungsten nitride. These films will be tested to see if the growth procedures effect their properties in any way.