Hope College Department of Physics and Engineering
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer 2005
Project Summary


Project Title:

Measuring Drift Mobility of Scandium Nitride Using Haynes-Shockley Experiment

Student Name:

Matt E. Koepke

Student's Home Institution: West Virginia
Research Advisor: Dr. Mark Little
Source of Support: NSF-REU, Research Corporation

Scandium Nitride (ScN) films have been grown on ITO covered quartz substrates by reactive dc-magnetron sputtering (in a pure nitrogen atmosphere) at room temperature for approximately four hours. Hole mobility was measured using an optically injected time-of-flight technique utilizing sandwich geometry and 800 ps pulses of 481 nm laser light. Minority mobility was found to be ~ 5.0 * 10 ? ³ cm²/V.s.