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2008 Summer Research*

Summer 2008 Research Students and Faculty

Physics Projects Engineering Projects
Isaac Angert Steve Barbachyn
Tim Boman Ben Barkel
Deb Denby Joel Blok
Brad Dober Peter Doorn
Justin Ferens Zachary R. Hoernschemeyer
Chris Hall Ricky Kelley
Alejandro Hardaway Kaitlyn Kopke
Raina Khatri Caitlin Kowalsky
Mark Lunderberg Mark Panaggio
John Ouma Laura Petrasky
Melanie Stam Jerry Richard
  Ashley Wortelboer
  Andrew Zendler

*This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF-REU Grant No. 0452206, NSF-PHY Grant No 0354920, NSF-PHY Grant No 0319523, NSF-AST Grant No 0307365, the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and the NASA Astrophysics Theory program and Hope College Endowed funds.