Hope College Physics Department
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer 2008
Project Summary


Project Title: Ion Beam Analysis of Minerals: Geological Applications
Student Name: Mark Lunderberg
Student's Home Institution: Hope College
Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung and Dr. Graham Peaslee
Source of Support: This material is based upon work supported bythe National Science Foundation under NSF- RUI Grant No. PHY-0651627 and NSF- RUI Grant No. MRI-0319523.

Ion Beam Induced Luminescence (IBIL) is an ion beam analysis (IBA) technique that can be used in conjunction with the IBA method of Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE) for geological analysis of minerals. In IBIL, visible light is emitted by sample minerals during proton irradiation when transition metals, rare earth metals, and lattice defects are present in the crystal. Orientation dependance of the luminescence in feldspars has been observed and it results from the crystals having multiple faces for electron channeling. IBIL was compared to the established technique of Cathode Luminescence (CL) and specific peaks were found to be shifted due to localized heating and crystal properties. IBIL has been shown to be a viable alternative to CL for the geological analysis of minerals and it has the advantage of being less subject to surface inhomogeneity.


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