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What do Hope physics alumni do?

One of the first things visitors ask is "What do your alumni do?" The answer is often something like "Whatever they have a passion to do!" While this is true, it is a bit vague. We've compiled lists of companies for which our alumni have worked and job titles our alumni have held over the years. But that seems rather impersonal. We're profiling some of our alumni in department newsletters and adding their profiles to our website.

Carl Gelderloos 1989 Deputy Director of Advanced Systems group, Civil & Operational Space Division Ball Aerospace
Mark Brown 1977 Senior Principal Scientist Medtronic
Cynthia H. McCollough 1985 Professor, Radiologic Physics Mayo Clinic and Foundation
William Davros 1981 Section Head, Medical Physics Cleveland Clinic
Brett Bouma 1986 Associate Professor of Dermatology and
Health Sciences & Technology
Harvard Medical School
Matt Goupell 2001 Assistant Professor, Dept of Hearing and Speech Sciences University of Maryland
Stephanie Statema 2007 Physics Teacher Main South High School, Park Ridge, IL
Sarah Storey 2007 Graduate Student, Astronomy Rice University
Katherine Koops 1981 Corporate Finance Attorney  
Robert Kryger 1985 President Beverage Resources, LLC
Dan Valente 2001 Lead Data Scientist

Current: Chartbeat Publishing
Prior: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Alumni Quotes

"Studying physics at Hope was an extraordinary experience. The degree program is broad and comprehensive, but the true strength of Hope's physics department is the professors and their approach to teaching and interacting with students. The opportunity to be involved in read, graduate-level research as a junior and senior allowed me to apply the classroom lessons to real-world problems and prepared me for graduate school better than the average entering graduate student with little or no research experience. But even that is not the most significant part of the Hope experience. The friendships I forged with other students and especially the faculty have persisted to this day. Hope faculty are now professional colleagues and collaborators of mine. Hope is truly a unique place to 'do' physics."  Dr. Donald Peterson, Ph.D. Research Associate, Oregon State University

Other Hope Alumni on the web:

More Alumni Information

Check out our alumni list to learn about where our alumni are now. When possible, links to their personal/professional webpages are included so that you can learn more about them. You can also look for the Hope Physics group in Linked In to see up-to-date information about some of our alumni.

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