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Matt Goupell

Assistant Scientist, Madison Binaural Speech and Hearing Laboratory
University of Wisconsin

Dr. Goupell graduated from Hope College in 2001 and went on to Michigan State University where he studied physical acoustics. Matt Goupell completed Ph.D. in acoustics at Michigan State University and then became a postdoctoral fellow at the the Austrian Academy for the Sciences" where he studied sound localization for people with cochlear implants. He is now at the University of Wisconsin where he is studying ways to improve devices which give hearing to those with nerve deafness. “ Students with a connection to music in their lives are often drawn to acoustics. A liberal arts education at Hope College has prepared me well for this highly interdisciplinary field.”

What did Matt say about his experiences at Hope? When Matt checked in with us after starting graduate school he said:

"I though that I would let you know that I passed the qualifying exam that I had to take. Some might even say I passed with flying colors, but those are other's words and not mine. I am having a great time here and I feel that I am learning so much so fast."