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Robert Kryger

Beverage Resources, LLC

After spending a few years in large companies, Dr. Kryger began applying his experience and training to the small company world. He has spent over a decade in senior technical management positions in the beverage industry, and now runs a company that specializes in formulating and manufacturing new beverage products. Dr. Kryger is also Vice President of BecKryger Capital Partners a private equity capital firm aimed at taking small companies to the next level. Dr. Kryger has found there to be significant, although quite different, roles for industrial physicists in both small companies and large companies.

When asked about his experiences at Hope, Bob said: "My undergraduate training in physics at Hope prepared me to be a leader in graduate school, as well as in the corporate research world. Hope's combination of challenging coursework, hand's on laboratory experiences, cutting-edge research, and faculty dedicated to undergraduate education was unbeatable. It was truly a privilege to be a student there."