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William Davros

Section Head, Medical Physics, Division of Radiology
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. William J. Davros graduated Hope in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Following his four years at Hope, Dr. Davros continued his education at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he completed his Masters degree in medical physics in 1983. After also earning his PHD at the University of Wisconsin in 1987, Dr. Davros stayed in Madison for a one year position as a product development physicist. Dr. Davros spent some time as an assistant professor of radiology at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. before going to work at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH where he has been working as the Section Head of Imaging Physics since 1993. At Cleveland Clinic , it is Dr. Davros’s job to make sure that the use of medical X-ray equipment is safe for patients and up to par with state and federal government regulations. Dr. Davros and a team of seven physicists and four X-ray technologists test hundreds of pieces of equipment each year. In a typical workday, besides his to-do list of regulatory chores, Dr. Davros spends a good deal of time collaborating with other physicists. When asked what he found enjoyable about his career, Dr. Davros responded that lately he has had more of a chance to talk with other physicists about how to improve medical physics – an opportunity which was unavailable to him for his first fourteen years at the Clinic as the only ‘card-carrying physicist’ among a team of X-ray technicians. Every day proves interesting for Dr. Davros as he is never quite sure exactly what he will be doing.

When reflecting back on his undergraduate years spent at Hope College, Dr. Davros is all positive. Dr. Davros feels that Hope College does an excellent job of preparing students for grad school or else for the workforce. Hope’s course work, he said, had prepared him so well that none of his grad school courses were more difficult than courses taken at Hope. Hope’s numerous laboratories and opportunities for undergraduate research proved for him invaluable as well. Dr. Davros recalled being the only one among his grad school classmates who knew how to run a particle accelerator – knowledge and experience that most undergraduate students do not attain until grad school. Dr. Davros praises Hope’s liberal arts endeavors as well. He feels that his entire liberal arts education helped set him up to understand not only how we accomplish things, but why we strive to accomplish them in the first place. For Dr. Davros, Hope College paved the way for his successful career in medical physics, and was an experience he would never trade for anything.

Dr. Davros works hard at Cleveland Clinic to ensure that patients get the very best images so that they may receive the best treatment for their illness. As the Section Head of Imaging Physics, Dr. Davros holds many responsibilities and must be self driven. His advice for current physics students at Hope College mirrors his own passion and drive at the Clinic. It is also advice to which every student should pay attention: “Do your homework every single day, and never save doing it until after you go out. Tell yourself that you must study and finish work before you go out on Friday nights.”