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Paul DeYoung

Paul DeYoung received his PhD. in experimental nuclear physics from the University of Notre Dame and was a postdoctoral researcher at the State University of New York at Stony Brook before coming to Hope College . His research is focused on heavy ion reactions and most recently this has involved studies of very neutron-rich unstable nuclei. He and Graham Peaslee head the Nuclear Group at Hope College and they run experiments at the Michigan State University and Notre Dame.

Paul, with Graham and the students of the Nuclear Group, also has an active program developing applications of nuclear physics to interdisciplinary problems. The local particle accelerator is used for forensic characterization of auto glass, trace metal measurements of individual sand grains, studies of metaloprotein stoichiometry, and characterization of thin electropolymers.

Paul can be reached at:
Department of Physics
VanderWerf Hall
27 Graves Place
Holland, Michigan 49422-9000 USA
Voice: (616) 395-7517
Fax: (616) 395-7123



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