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Like all the faculty in the Department of Physics, I have taught nearly all the courses we offer at one time or another. In addition to standard courses, ranging from introductory physics to quantum mechanics, I have also taught topical courses such as LABVIEW programming, Optics, Nuclear Physics, and Physics of Sound. Recently, I developed distance learning versions of both semesters of algebra-based introductory physics with accompanying labs.

The development of the distance-learning classes was facilitated by adapting my teaching style to make more use of technology. Lecture outlines are prepared in advance and then the in-class annotations and audio are captured in real time using a Sympodium from Smart Technologies. The color annotations and audio are converted mp4 files and posted for student download shortly after each class. I have also led the instrumentation and improved data acquisition of many general physics labs with National Instruments hardware and LABVIEW virtual instrument control. The development of distance-learning labs have paralleled this work but have been done within the framework of Interactive Physics and Easy Java Simulation packages.