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Surf LabSurface Laboratory

The Surface Laboratory in 131 VanderWerf Hall, substantially renovated in the spring of2011.

The renovation of the lab, as well as multiple other research spaces in VanderWerf and Van Zoeren halls, was funded by the National Science Foundation under NSF-ARI Grant No. PHY-0963317. The Hampton Group moved into the renovated space in June 2011.

New Layout of the Surface Lab

Lab Layout
The space features all new casework and cabinetry and a 4-ft fume hood.

Sink with Drying Rack and EyewashSink

Desk AreaDesks

Bench Height Work AreaBench

Bench Height Work Area and Fume Hood with Flammable Storage Bench and Hood

Storage CabinetsCabinets

The heart of the lab is a Bioanalytical Systems Epsilon Electrochemical Workstation and Cell Stand. A custom teflon electrochemical cell was designed for using wafer samples as the working electrode.

Electrochemical Workstation and Cell StandElectrochemical Work Station

Teflon Electrochemical Cell Teflon Electrochemical Cell

Other equipment in the lab includes a VWR sympHony bechtop pH meter, a Denver Instrument Timberline Analytical Balance, a Branson Ultrasonics B200 Tabletop Sonicator and Cleaner, and a Novascan PSD-UV4 UV-Ozone Cleaning System.

Solutions Area including Chemical Storage,
pH Meter, Analytical Balance, and Sonicator/CleanerSolutions


UV Ozone Cleaner in Fume Hood

UV Ozone Cleaner