This is the Teaching Nuclear Science through Nuclear Forensics Applications curriculum website.  The complete Teacher Edition for the lessons can be downloaded, or individual sections can be downloaded using the table of contents below. You can preview the entire curriculum in a web-based format by clicking on any of the items in the table of contents below and following the links on the subsequent pages.

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Instructor's Introduction
Includes common initial ideas and correlation to national standards.
"Nova Dirty Bomb"   Class Video Activity 5 min  
Bulgarian boarder crossing case   Scenario 10 min  
Nuclear Science Vocabulary   Assignment HW plus review time  
Classroom Procedure for Radioactive Sources
  Class discussion
10 min  
Safety Poster
HPS Document
Detecting Invisible Ionizing-Radiation   Investigation 30 min  
Manufacturer Site
core for standards  
Exploring Nuclear Decay   Computer Activities 20 min or HW  
Alpha Decay
Beta Decay
What's in the countertops?
  Scenario 10 min  
Using a GM Radiation Monitor    
SetupGuide Manufacturer Site
Measuring Low-level radiation  
What other Detectors Do Nuclear Forensic Professionals Use?   Audio Activity

Radiation in Everyday Life   Video    

Port of Entry “Everyday Radiation” Incidents   Scenario    
Sources of Everyday Radiation   Assignment    
Testing “Everyday” Items for Radioactivity   Investigation    
  core for standards  
Comparing Background Radiation to Radioactive Sources   Investigation    
Presentation core for standards  
What is your yearly radiation exposure?   Activity    
Measuring Radiation Exposure
  Class Video Activity    
Locating Hidden Radiation Sources
Characteristics of Radiation core for standards  
Factors that Affect Detection of Radiation
Characteristics of Radiation
core for standards  
Nuclear Science Review   Worksheet    
Gamma Spectroscopy
  Class Activity
Border Crossing Cases   Scenario
spectrum catalog
Half-life of 137Ba   Investigation    

core for standards  
Understanding Half-lives     Investigation
  core for standards  
Half-life simulations     Computer Activities