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Energy and Environment
Seminar Series
at Hope College

The public is invited. Map.


Time & Place



November 10, 2010
Kickoff seminar sponsored by the Holland Area League of Women Voters, the Departments of Biology and GES, Physical Plant and the Environmental Studies Program

Winants Auditorium
in Graves Hall
7:00 pm

Rebecca Humphries, Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Climate Change in Michigan

November 19, 2010
Fall Keynote
Sponsored by Physics, Engineering, Biology and GES

Winants Auditorium
in Graves Hall
3:00 pm

Dr. George Crabtree, Assoc. Div. Director of The Materials Science Division, Argonne National Lab

The Sustainable Energy Challenge

January 28, 2011
Sponsored by Physics and Engineering

Vander Werf Room 104
3:00 pm

David Bell, GMB Architects and Engineering

Sustainability in the Built Environment: Avoiding Seeing the Forest for the Trees

February 18, 2011
Sponsored by Physics and Engineering

Vander Werf Room 104
3:00 pm

Paul Bourget
LumenFlow Corp.

LEDs : a new paradigm in lighting

March 3, 2011
Spring Keynote
Sponsored by the NAS Division

7:00 pm

Dr. Mohamed Alamgir, Research Director, LG Chem Power

Lithium Batteries- Past, Present and Future

March 11, 2011
Necker’s Lecture

Winants Auditorium
in Graves Hall
4:00 pm

Arlene Blum, The Green Science Policy Institute and UC Berkeley

Organohalogens in Consumer Products: Do the Fire Safety Benefits Justify the Health and Environmental Risks?

June 15, 2011
Sponsored by the Natural and Applied Sciences Division, The Sierra Club, and the Hope College Sustainability Advisory Committee

Winants Auditorium in Graves Hall

Lunch (free):
12:00 pm
Presentation: 12:30 pm

Film & panel discussion:

Prof. David Rutledge, California Institute of Technology

12:30 pm
Presentation: Hubbert’s Peak and the End of Coal

7:00 pm
Short films on coal with panel discussion

September 19, 2011
Sponsored by by the Sustainability Task Force, First Year Seminar, and the Biology Dept.

Schaap Science Center
Room 1019
7:00 pm
David Kroodsma
"Ride for Climate: a 21,000 mile bicycle journey"

September 30, 2011
Sponsored by Physics, Engineering, GES, Biology, and Chemistry

Winants Auditorium in Graves Hall
3:00 pm

Prof. Bruce Dale, Michigan State University, Biomass Conversion Research Laboratory

"How Shall We Choose? Making Useful Comparisons Between Petroleum Alternatives"

The public is invited. Map.

This schedule is continuously updated. Please check back regularly.
Departments can contact Steve Remillard to provide update information.