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Physics 352: Optics, Spring 2013

Physics & Engineering Seminar Schedule

Our textbook will be Optics, 4th Edition by Eugene Hecht. I also recommend that you acquire the Schaum's Outline of Optics, also by Hecht. The bookstore will stock both books.

If you wish to get a headstart on the spring semester, read Chapter 1 as well as Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2, by the first day of class

Course Resources:

Optics Summary Sheet from the 1st day of class

The Eye as a Fourier Transformer

Fourier Optics Demo

Lab 2: Complex Dispersion of a Gas Lab and Homework Problems

Feb 5: General Physics Thin Lens Lecture Notes

Feb 7: General Physics Mirrors Lecture Notes

Caleb found this paper about why the sky isn't violet

The Optics Workbench (Check your solution to Problem 5.54)

Feb 19: 3rd Order Aberrations Lecture Notes

Zac found these images of diffraction in Google Earth images

Wolfram definite integral solver

Useful Links:

Integral Table

Trig Identities

Course Information:

Syllabus (Mind the revision level)

Assignments (Updated constantly)

Typos in the text book (Check back occasionally for updates)