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Physics/Engineering 361: Analytical Mechanics
Fall 2010

Physics & Engineering Seminar Schedule

Our textbook will be Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems , 5th Edition by Stephen T. Thornton and Jerry B. Marion, ISBN 0-534-40896-6.

You should also acquire a copy of the accompanying Student Solution Manual, ISBN 0-534-40897-4. I will recommend specific problems to study which are worked out in the manual.

We will also be using Maple from time-to-time throughout the course.

Start out ahead of schedule by reading Sections 2.1-2.4 before the first day of class!

Useful Links:

Integral Table

Trig identities

Coordinate Transformations

Moments of inertia

Course Information:

Syllabus (Mind the revision level. Subject to change before Sept 1. Last updated, Aug. 29)

Modified Schedule