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DeYoung, Paul
Gonthier, Peter
Hampton, Jennifer
Mader, Catherine
Remillard, Stephen

DeYoung, Paul

with Graham Peaslee, NSF-RUI, "Cutting-Edge Nuclear Physics Research (Collaborative and Interdisciplinary) at Hope College" $299,106 (6/2013-5/2016)

with Graham Peaslee, NSF-RUI, "Studies of Unstable Neutron-Rich Nuclei and Interdisciplinary Applications of Nuclear Physics with Undergraduates," $295,683 (5/2010-4/2013)

with Graham Peaslee, NSF-MRI-Consortium, "Development of a Neutron Detector Array by Undergraduate Research Students for Studies of Exotic Nuclei," $203,894. (10/2009-9/2011)

with Graham Peaslee, NSF-RUI, "Fundamental and Applied Nuclear Physics with Undergraduates,"$311,079. (5/2007 - 4/2011)

with Graham Peaslee. NSF-RUI, "Multifaceted Opportunities for Undergraduates in Nuclear Physics at Hope College," $213,300. (05/2004 to 4/2008)

with Graham Peaslee. NSF-MRI, "Acquisition of a nuclear microprobe system for interdisciplinary research and the integration of research and undergraduate education at Hope College," $680,000. (9/2003-8/2006)

NSF-RUI, "Radioactive Nuclear Beam Physics with Undergraduates at Hope College," $163,123. (6/2001-5/2005)

NSF-MRI, "Consortium to Construct a Highly Efficient Neutron Detector Array for the NSCL," $93,626. (2001)

NSF-REU, "Research experiences for Undergraduates in Physics and Engineering at Hope College," 90,251. (2/1999-1/2001)

NSF-RUI, "Research in nuclear physics with undergraduates at Hope College," 161,245. (6/1998-5/2002)

NSF-REU, "Research experiences for undergraduates in physics and engineering at Hope College," $120,000. (4/1996-3/1999)

with Graham Peaslee. NSF-RUI, "Heavy-Ion Reaction Studies at Hope College," $172,668. (1995-1998)


Gonthier, Peter

Pulsar Magnetosphere Models and High Energy Emission, NASA Astrophysics Theory Program, NNH12ZDA001N-ATP, PI Alice K. Harding (Goddard), Co-I Matthew Baring (Rice), Co-I Peter Gonthier (Hope), Co-I Demosthenes Kazanas (Goddard), Co-I. Constantinos Klapotharakos (Goddard), Co-I. Alexander Muslimov (Universities Space Reseach Association), Co-I. Andrey Timokhin (Goddard), Cols: Ioannis Contopoulos, Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece, Tyrel Johnson, NRC, Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC, Christo Venter, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa, and Isabelle Grenier, CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France, Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2015, $359,284, with Hope’s portion $72,000.

NSF - AST; RUI: Collaborative, "Radio, X-ray and Gamma-ray Emission from Neutron Stars " PI: P.L. Gonthier, with Matthew Baring from Rice University, $124,103 (2010-2013)

NASA - Fermi Guest Investigator Award Cycle 3,"Pulsar Population Synthesis and Contribution to Positron and Diffuse Gamma-ray Backgrounds" PI: P.L. Gonthier, $45,161 (2010-2011)

NASA - Astrophysics Theory Program, "Particle Acceleration and High Energy Radiation From Pulsar Magnetospheres", PI - Alice K. Harding (NASA Goddard), Co-PIs - Matthew G. Baring (Rice University), Alexander G. Muslimov (Universities Space Research Association), Peter L. Gonthier (Hope College), Demosthanes Kazanas (NASA Goddard), Collaborators - Ioannis Contopoulos (Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece) and Isabelle Grenier (CEA Saclay, Gif/Yvette, France), $459,043 with $76,866 for Hope. (2008-2012)

MSGC-HOPE "High-Energy Emission Models in Neutron Star Magnetospheres," $10,000. (2008-2009)

NSF, " Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics Program, Radio and high energy emission from pulsars,"$129,017. (2003-2007)

Research Corporation, "Radio and high energy emission from neutron stars," $32,000. (2003-2006)

Research Corporation, "Relativistic Compton scattering in neutron star magnetospheres," $30,347. (1999)

NSF-RUI, "High energy phenomena in neutron star magnetospheres," $79,227. (1999)

HHMI, "Relativistic Compton Scattering in Neutron Star Magnetospheres," $5000. (1998)

MSGC-HOPE "Magnetic Compton Scattering in Neutron Star Magnetospheres," $4000. (1998)


Hampton, Jennifer

Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant, “Electroactive Thin Films For Energy Storage Applications,” $7,200, Student Researcher: Daniel Clark, (2015).

Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant, “Area Characterization of Electrodeposited Alloys,” $7,200, Student Researcher: Matthew Gira, (2014).

National Science Foundation , "RUI: Microstructuring and Catalytic Behavior of Electrodeposited Nanoporous Alloys," $134,626. (2011-2016)

National Science Foundation, "MRI: Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Materials Characterization at Hope College," $214,750. (2011-2014)

National Science Foundation , "Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Physics at Hope College," (Remillard is Pi) $187,317. (2010-2015)

MidStates Consortium for Math and Science Short Term Consultation with Erin Flater at Luther College, $1,250. (2008)


Mader, Catherine

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, "Pilot grant: The Phage Model Goes Viral: Developing Other Models for Course-based Research Experiences (CREs)", $100,000. (Co-Pi), (3/2013 - 8/2015)

Michigan Space Grant Consortium, "Hope College Watershed Science Academies and Workshops", $21,676. (Graham Peaslee and Jennifer Soukhome are Co-PIs) (3/2013-2/2014)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, "Strengthening the Pathway to STEM Research Leadership at Hope College", $1,000,000. (Karen Nordell Pearson is Co-Pi), (9/2012 - 8/2016)

NSF S-STEM, "Scholarships for Transfer Students in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics", $528,994. (Herb Dersham is Co-PI), (1/2012-12/2016)

NSF S-STEM, "Scholarships to support the Hope STEM Scholars Program participants", $599,835. (Herb Dersham is Co-PI), (6/2010-5/2015)

NSF ARI, "Providing STEM Research Infrastructure for VanderWerf Hall at Hope College" $347,069. (Michael Jipping in Computer Science is Co-PI), (10/2010-9/2013)

NSF, "Physics REU Directors' Workshop", $76,358. (5/2008-4/2009)

Michigan Space Grant Consortium, Physics Department, Hope Creative Science Initiative Outreach Program, $19,350. (Jacquelin Koch is Co-Pi) (3/2007-4/2008)

NSF, "Research Experience for Undergraduates," $300,867. (Little is Co-Pi) (2005-2010)

NSF/CCLI, "Adaptation of “6 Ideas that Shaped Physics” for Life-Science Major audiences National Science Foundation," $63,500. (7/2001-7/2006)

HHMI, "Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics," $5000. (1998)

NSF, "Theoretical study of the space-time evolution of heavy-ion collisions at Hope College," $34,344. (1998-2000)

NSF-RUI Grant, "Theoretical Study of the Space-time Evolution of Heavy-Ion Collisions at Hope College," $32,000. (1995-1996)

Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award, "A study of the space-time evolution of the hadronic reaction zone formed in heavy-ion collisions," $20,000. (1995-1996)

Remillard, Stephen

National Science Foundation, "RUI: Spatially resolved microwave nonlinearity of superconductors investigated by undergraduates," $181,274. (2015-2018)

Michigan Space Grant Consortium and Hope College, "Rutherford Backscattering analysis of exotic new functional thin films," $10,000. (2015-2016)

Great Lakes Colleges Association, New Directions Initiative, "Building Bridges in Very Small Places: Nano-Experiences in South Korea" $5,500. (2014)

National Science Foundation, "RUI: Superconductivity Research in the Microwave Regime with Undergraduates," $165,000. (2012-2016)

Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant, "Developing Plasma Spectroscopy for Hope College’s Plasma Physics Project with Dual Application to Physics Major Retention," $940. (2012)

National Science Foundation , "Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Physics at Hope College," (Hampton is Co-Pi) $187,317. (2010-2015)

National Science Foundation - Major Research Instrumentation (funded through the ARRA of 2009), "MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instrumentation to Determine Provenance of Environmental Samples," (Graham Peaslee is PI,Greg Murray and Steve Remillard are Co-PIs), $215,180. (2010-2011)

Research Corporation for Science Advancement and Hope College, Cottrell College Science Award, "Nonlinear Electrodynamics of Superconducting Thin Films in Microwave Fields", $56,583. (2009-2011)

Midstates Consortium for Math and Science, Short Term Consultation with Tyrone Daulton and William Buhro at Washington University, $1,974. (2009-2010)

Private Consultation, "Microwave Device Science and Technology," $13,000. (2008-2010)

NASA-Michigan Space Grant Consortium and Hope College, "Microwave Induced Stratospheric Gas Discharge and Ozone Production," (Brian Mork in Chemistry is Co-PI) $8,600. (2008-2009)

Private Consultation, "Microwave Device Science and Technology," $21,000.(2007-2009)