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A Professional Experience:
Washington Semester Internships

The most important component of the Washington Honors Semester is the internship experience. Unlike most off-campus study programs, Washington Honors Semester participants do not spend half of their time in conventional classroom settings. Rather, students intern four days a week for the entire semester.

Washington Honors Semester participants have the option of spending the semester interning with a single office or dividing their time at two distinct internships. This flexibility allows students to maximize the practical benefits and career insights they receive from the program. The program also is unique in terms of the attention students receive in securing their internships.

Each student will begin working with the program director months in advance of the D.C. semester, first identifying those internship opportunities that fit best with the student’s interests and professional objectives and then working to secure those internships.

The internship opportunities available in the nation's capital are incredibly diverse and exist in virtually every discipline. The list below is only a representative sampling of possible internships.

Past Washington Honors Semester Internships


Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
National Gallery of Art
Wooly Mammoth Theatre

Business Administration

New York Life Insurance
General Motors
Primark Corporation
Federal Aviation Administration
Alticor Corporation
US Chamber of Commerce
US Office of Consumer Affairs


Voice of America
Accuracy in Media
Congressional Quarterly
Cable News Network
The Sojourner Magazine


Federal Reserve Board
Congressional Budget Office
Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Trade Representatives
General Accountability Office
Bureau of Economic Affairs
American Bankers Association
World Bank
One Economy Corporation
FINCA International


National Park Service
Defenders of Wildlife
Wilderness Society
US Environmental Protection Agency


Smithsonian Institution
Army Corps Historical Center
Marine Corps Historical Center
National Trust of Historic Preservation


Department of Justice
American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union
Women's Legal Defense Fund
Corporation Counsel
US Supreme Court
Public Defenders Office
International Law Institute

Political Science

White House
US Congressional Offices
US Senatorial Offices
Bread for the World
US State Department
Secretary of Defense
Brookings Institution
Center for American Progress
Children's Defense Fund
Human Right's Watch
Mexican Embassy
UN High Commission on Refugees


Centreville Presbyterian Church
Knollwood Community Church
New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

Science and Medicine

National Institutes of Health
National Association of Realtors
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
Northern Virginia Community Hospital
Walter Reed Center for Medical Research
Association for the Advance of Psychology
Kennedy Institute of Ethics (bioethics) at Georgetown





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In their own words...

"The connections I made were influential into my acceptance into
graduate school and eventually an asset to my resume as I was hired
as a full-time physical therapist in a specialty area."