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"I grew more personally and professionally during this semester
than the rest of my college years combined."

David Nyitray, WHS participant 2007

A unique opportunity for twenty Hope students to spend the spring semester living and working in Washington D.C.

A program centered around internships, designed to provide students with hands on expierence in a workplace setting of their choosing

A multi-disciplinary program open to all majors and minors



A transformative educational, professional,
and personal experience

Participants are immersed in real life learning laboratories where they gain knowledge and understanding far beyond the classroom

Participants clarify and refine their professional goals and lay a foundation for their careers

Participants live independently in one of the most cosmopolitan and exciting urban settings in the country



An experience unlike other off-campus study programs

With literally thousands of internship opportunities relating to any interest discipline, or area of study

With the main emphasis on interning and work rather than classwork

Where students receive intensive individualized assistance from the director in obtaining internships that reflect their professional aspirations and ambitions

Involving group meetings with a wide range of important figures in D.C., including senators and congressmen, lobbyists, interest group spokespeople and nonprofit representatives, journalists, embassy officials, and more

Reflect the unique character of Washington D.C. - one of our most culturally vibrant and diverse cities

With extensive opportunities to network with the sizeable Hope alumni contingent in the greater D.C. area and to establish other important professional contacts