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Departmental Awards

The James Dyke Van Putten Political Science Prize

  • A award to be given to the graduating senior who has excelled in the classroom and possesses those qualities of character and personality which give promise of a useful career in public service. The award is named after the first chairman of the political science department, who was a fine scholar and a United States diplomat.

Students who received this prize for


Brennan Mange

Erica Simpson


William D. DeBoer


Christopher F. Darling
Iliana D. Garcia
Sa'eed Husaini
Jonathan B. Snavely
Wesley R. Rieth


The Renze Lyle Hoeksema Prize in Political Science

  • An award for a junior majoring in political science who best demonstrates excellence in the classroom, interest in political science, and promise of a useful career in public service.

Students who received this prize for


Austin Beaudoin

Katie Ricks

Phillip Rokus

Tuo Wang


Ethan J. Beswick

Shekinah R. Chandy

Mary Kate C. Hart

Brennan P. mange

Michael J. Savage

2013 are:

William D. DeBoer
Erica A. Simpson


Political Science Department Book Awards

  • The Department presents annual book awards to students who have demonstrated unusual promise in Political Science in its classes and activities.

Students who received this award for


Robert Brennan

Michaela Biegner

Alexander Carpenter

Daniel Carrick

Derek Chen

Thomas Conerty

Sarah Feldpausch

Randy Folker

Angelique Hines

Sin Woo Lee

Leigh Wynveen


Sadina L. Brott

Margaret E. Dickinson

Stuart G. Fraser

Phil A. Rokus

Jonathan C. Tilden

2013 are:

Alexander A. Belica
Daniel P. Flavin
Kaylee J. Kish
Lawrence G. Kloth
Kyla R. Koboski
Meghan E. Lechner
Matthew P. Mankivsky
Hannah E. Mielke
Kirsten M. Schipper
James L. Teaford
Abby J. Wilhelm

The James M. Zoetewey Senior Award.


Daniel Flavin

Natalie Hiser

Shubham Sapkota

Kamara Sudberry

Abby Wilhelm


Lauen M Kokum

Rachel M. Kuiper

Samantha W. Poon

Stephanie N. Rogers

Derek J. Warner

Robert E. Elder Jr. Washington Honors Semester Award


Joshua Coulter

Kyle Dipre

Phi Beta Kappa

Anne Harrison '13
Sa'eed Husaini '13
Daniel Owens '13

Michael Blauw '12
Alyssa Carlburg '12
Renee Wynveen '12

Shannon Brenneman '11
Stephen Pedersen '11


Mortar Board

Daniel Owens '12

Michael Blauw '11
Michael Dirksen '11

Nathan Bult '10
James Colten '10
Kevin Soubly '10