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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to the Hope College pre-law website. This site is intended as a resource for undergraduate and college students who are considering careers in law and wish to explore the possibilities. Additionally we want to inform prospective and current Hope College students of the host of pre-law opportunities available on our campus.

Quick Tips

Be pro-active! Take full advantage of Hope's extensive pre-law programs and resources.

  • Introduce yourself to the pre-law advisors, Profs. Ryden and Polet, who are eager to meet you and assist you.

  • Use your college years to explore, inquire, and investigate regarding the law. The more you know going in to law school, the better.

  • Talk to lawyers about their work. Read about the law and lawyers. Get an internship where you work with lawyers and see what they do.

  • Attend the Pre-Law Club meetings and activities, perhaps in a leadership capacity

  • Go to a Law School forum and meet representatives from law schools.

  • Visit Hope's Office of Career Services and the library to check out their resources on the law, law schools, and lawyers.