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Pre-Medical Track at Hope College

Do I need to know the medical profession (i.e., shadow, work or volunteer)?

YES. This is called developing your Professional Competency.

Medical school admission committees want to see that you are learning about the medical profession through first-hand, medically related experience. During your breaks (summers or school yea), you should work/volunteer in a health care setting, such as hospital, health clinic or nursing home. You should also be shadowing physicians in primary care and specialities, so you can get a feel for what a doctor does on a daily basis. You should also being shadowing and observing other health care professionals so you know what members of the health care team are doing.

What about extra-curricular or volunteer activities?

YES. This is called developing your Personal Competecies.

Medical school admission committees also look for evidence that you are committed to serving and helping others; working on teams; possess integrity, adaptability, reliability and ability to take feedback. They also expect that you are able to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. It's up to you to demonstrate these attributes during your college years!


Where do I go to learn more about Professional and Personal Competencies?

Glad you asked! Please read more here:

AAMC Professional and Personal Competencies


How do I learn more about US Medical Schools?

Two types of medical education exist in the US. One is allopathic (MD) and the other is osteopathic (DO). To learn more about both, please click on links below.

Allopathic Medicine (M.D.)

State of Michigan Allopathic Medical Schools

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

State of Michigan Osteopathic Medical School

Where do I learn more about the Medical Profession?


For current Hope students, advising or questions related to the pre-medical track at Hope College, please contact Professor T. Prokopow.

For all others, please contact Hope College Admissions.