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Psychology Courses and Curriculum

Hope College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The Psychology Department exemplifies Hope College's liberal arts mission by providing opportunities for students to develop knowledge, intellectual skills, and personal character through their study of psychology and through relationships based on an appreciation of the whole person -- body, mind, and spirit.

Library ResearchTo achieve our mission, our students complete courses from the following five categories in order to attain a degree in psychology:

  • Survey Courses - Introduction to Psychology, and at least three of our other survey courses (Developmental, Cognitive, Physiological, Behavior Disorders, Industrial/Organizational)
  • Research Skills - Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology
  • Service Learning - putting the principles of psychology into action in the community
  • Topical Seminar - an upper level discussion centered experience
  • Perspective Taking - at least two courses that deal with issues of human diversity

The psychology major provides an excellent preparation for a variety of professions including: mental health, social work, medicine, business, ministry, law, forensic psychology, and education. Many of these professions require an advanced degree. However, approximately half of our majors enter the workforce without additional education.

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