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Jane Dickie

Research Articles

*Grongvist, Pehr, Cecilia Ljungdahl and Jane R. Dickie (2007). God is nowhere, God is nowhere: Attachment activation, security of attachment, and God's perceived closeness among 5-7 year old children from religious and non-religious homes. Attachment and Human Development. 9(1): 55-71.

*Dickie, Jane R., Woodall, L. V., Hankamp, J. R. & Nixon, K. M. (2006) Mother, father and self: Sources of young adults’ God concepts. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion: 45(1); 57-71.

*Dickie, Jane R., Cook, Anna, Gazda, Rachel, Martin, Bethany & Sturrus, Elizabeth (2005) The heirs of Aradia, daughters of Diana: Community in the second and third wave. Journal of Lesbian Studies: Special Issue on Community.

Book Chapters

*Dickie, Jane R., Cook, Anna, Gazda, Rachel, Martin, Bethany & Sturrus, Elizabeth (In press. Expected date 2005) The heirs of Aradia, daughters of Diana: Community in second and third wave. In Women’s Communities (Working title), (Ed) Esther Rothblum, Haworth Press.

Granqvist, Pehr & Dickie, Jane R. (2006) Attachment and Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence. In Handbook of Spiritual and Religious Development in Childhood and Adolescence. (Eds.) P.L. Benson, E. C. Roehlkepartain, P. E. King & L. Wageners, Sage Publications. pp 197-210.

Visiting Scholar, Visiting Faculty, and Invited Workshops

Women’s Leadership Institute, Mills College, Oakland California (2003 – 2004) Visiting Scholar selected on competitive basis from pool of candidates. This association provided me with colleagues who worked with me on my research, supported me professionally and personally, and stimulated my thinking about gender, race, class and sexuality, social responsibility, social justice, global perspectives and more. We met BI-weekly to present and reflect on our work.

Whitman College (2004) Invited Faculty Development Workshop Leader to present a lecture and two workshops for teaching enhancement to the faculty of the college. Based on my work on the staff of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, Faculty Development Workshops: Learning Styles or Why you Can’t Please all the People All the Time.

Visiting Professor -
University of Capetown South Africa (1989-1990), University of Western Cape, Capetown South Africa (1996-1997), and University of Aberdeen, Scotland (1998).

*Publications with students