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  FALL 2016

Courses taught within the Religion Department.

  • 100s
    100 level courses are two credits. A Religion 100 course is the first of two general education religion courses each Hope student is required to take. We offer a variety of topics under this general heading, and these change somewhat from semester to semester. All are intended to introduce students to the academic study of religion and its contemporary relevance. A Religion 100 does not count toward a religion major.
  • 200s
    200 level courses are four credits and fulfill the second general education requirement in Religion. Religion 100 is a prerequisite. Religion majors are required to take four 200 level courses: one each of 220 (biblical studies), 240 (history), 260 (theology and ethics) and 280 (world religions). Under these four general headings there are a variety of more specific topics which vary from semester to semester.
  • 300s
    300 level courses are for Religion majors, minors, and interested non-majors. These elective courses are more specialized than 200 level courses and are intended to achieve depth rather than breadth. Non-majors can substitute a four-credit 300 level course for their second general education Religion course with permission from the department chairperson.
  • 400s
    The 400 level includes Religion Department seminars, internships, and independent studies. Every Religion major or minor must take at least one seminar.