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Faculty and Staff



Llena Chavis  Llena Chavis
  Office Phone: 7364
  Office: VanZoeren 265
  Research Interests:

Lisa Eding  Lisa Eding
  Office Phone: 7555/7830
  Office: VanZoeren 261


Dennis Feaster

  Dennis Feaster
  Office Phone: 7032
  Office: VanZoeren 295
  Research Interests:

Aaron Franzen  Aaron Franzen
  Office Phone: 7554
  Office: VanZoeren 242
  Research Interests:

Alfredo Gonzales  Alfredo Gonzáles
  Office Phone: 7080
Martha Miller Center 217

Pam Koch  Pamela Koch
  Office Phone: 7573
  Office: VanZoeren 255B
  Research Interests:

Roger Nemeth  Roger Nemeth - Department Chair
  Office Phone: 7964
  Office: VanZoeren 264
  Research Interests:


James Piers  James Piers
  Office Phone: 7553
  Office: VanZoeren 266
  Research Interests:


Temple Smith  Temple Smith
  Office Phone: 7059
  Office: VanZoeren 258
  Research Interests:


Deborah Sturtevant  Deborah Sturtevant
  Office Phone: 7916
  Office: VanZoeren 267
  Research Interests:
Global Child Welfare

Debra Swanson  Debra Swanson
  Office Phone: 7951
  Office: VanZoeren 255A
  Research Interests:
* Social Construction of Mothering
* Service-Learning/Community Development
* Teaching and Learning


Faculty and Staff Emeriti

Donald Luidens  Donald Luidens