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Studies in Ministry Minor Application

Deadline: Monday, March 3, 2014 11:59 PM

Decisions are made in early March prior to fall class scheduling.

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Essay Instructions:
ESSAY: Please write a two page, typed, single-spaced essay in which you describe the kind(s) of ministry to which you are discerning a call. What beliefs inform your desire to be involved in ministry? How has your previous involvement in ministry contributed to your desire to be part of the Studies in Ministry minor (be specific)? Name your document: "lastname_essay"
Transcript Instructions:
TRANSCIPT: How to access your unofficial KnowHopePlus transcript & save it to your computer:
  1. Go to KnowhopePlus User Login and enter your User ID# and PIN
    1. Click on "Registrar and Student Accounts"
    2. Click on "Student Records"
    3. Click on "Academic Transcript"
    4. Click on "Submit"--no need to change any of the settings
  2. From your browser's 'File' drop down menu, select "Save Page As..."
    1. Go to the bottom of the SAVE AS window to find "File name" and "Save as type:" drop down menus
    2. Rename your file as: lastname_transcript.html
    3. Select "Web Page, HTML only" as the file type - this option works for the majority of computers. Test your saved .htm/.html document to make sure your transcript details are READABLE. If the document is essentially blank, then re-save by selecting "Web Page, complete" and test again. (The version that works may depend on whether you have a MAC or hidden computer &/or browser settings.)
  3. Save the new HTML file to your computer to upload via the Browse button below.
Browse to attach your essay to this submission:
ESSAY file name should be "lastname_essay"
Browse to attach your KnowHopePlus transcript to this submission:
TRANSCRIPT file name should be "lastname_transcript"