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Depending on the track and internship credits chosen, the minor will comprise 25 - 30 credit hours, to be distributed across required classes, electives, and an internship.

Before applying for acceptance into the minor, students are required to take one prerequisite course:

  • MIN 201 Foundations for Theology & Ministry (offered each Spring)

The prerequisite course is designed to help provide students with a common language for thinking about theology and ministry, as well as to help them in their discernment process as they decide whether to pursue this minor. Students must have taken it or be enrolled in it to be eligible to apply for acceptance into the Studies in Ministry Minor. (Details of the application process will be provided during MIN 201.)

Once students are accepted into the minor they will usually need two years to finish the minor.

Students are required to take:

  • one of the following REL courses: 241, 261, 262, or 263.
  • MIN 371 and 372 (Theology of Ministry I and II), a capstone seminar course sequence
  • and MIN 398 and 399 (Internships in Ministry I and II), a four to eight credit internship

    The four-credit capstone seminar will

    • meet across one school year- two courses of two credits each. It will, in most cases, be taken at the same time as students are doing their required internship.

The internship will require

    • six to twelve hours per week of involvement with a ministry or organization throughout one school year

In addition, each of the three tracks within the minor has

  • one required concentration course and
  • one or two elective courses, depending on the track.

Each student will be matched with a mentor for the duration of the student's involvement in the minor. Mentors will be chosen in conversation with students, the coordinator of mentoring and internships, and the director of the minor.